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Saturday, 26 December 2015 08:57


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Merced PD Captain Tom Trindad is retiring after 28 years with the Merced Police department and some say it just couldn’t come any sooner. During his 28 years with the department, Trindad has left his mark and many say that mark has stained Merced Ca for a very long time.

“I remember going on a ride-a-long with Tom,” said a local attorney who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals. “While we were out patrolling nothing much was going on so he tells me, “with the traffic laws the way they are I can pull anyone over for nothing and still make an arrest.” So he pulls over a black man for no reason.” The lawyer explained.

“After awhile of harassing the guy they end up arresting him because the man got was upset that Trindad pulled him over for no reason.” When asked why she didn’t do anything, she explained, “If you so much as go against the Chief or Trindad your career is through. They are very good friends with DA Morse and they wont stop at anything to destroy your character and then your reputation.”

Tom Trindad, who is a graduate of Atwater High School from 1983, also earned a Bachelors degree in social science from Chapman University. He also later earned his Masters degree in criminology, law and society from UC Irvine. He was promoted to Captain in 2013.

Trindad has recently stated that he would have liked to see more during his career is the public’s help in finding solutions to some of the city’s major issues. And according to him it “takes a village, not just law enforcement, to better a community,” he said.

But when MCNTV News has tried to report information to Trindad from victims or people who have seen crime take place, he is the only one who never took our information seriously. When MCNTV News sat down with Tom and Chief Norm Andrade, he specifically said MCNTV News is just out to attack law enforcement, which is not true. We only attack bad cops which we explained to himm in front of the Chief.

What was even more disturbing in that meeting was when the Chief picked up a big traffic laws book and said to MCNTV News, “You see this? We can pull over anyone for anything…” which made us think about what the attorney had said about Tom and their ride along and just how many innocent people’s lives they ruined because of their belief that they can pull over anyone for anything. This alone would cause a lot of tension between the public and its law enforcement and is not good police practice.

“He is one of the bad apples in the department.,” said the attorney, “and if Merced is going to get any better, he is one of the ones that must go.”

MCNTV News also learned back in September of this year that Tom planned to retire in December and according to our source it was because the department's failings are starting to come to light.

Tom has even attempted to shift the blame for his department’s failings during his retirement speech on the public by saying, “As great as they are and as much as they volunteer, police sometimes get put into the driver’s seat of issues and problems,” he said. “Take the gang problem for example; it’s not just up to the Police Department to solve this.

“Even though we should be part of the solution, we should not be the only answer.”

But you should be a part of the answer and not a part of the problem. Much of the black, asian, and hispanic community has learned to fear the Merced PD because they are pulled over or stopped on the street only to be harassed. And when they call their Chief or Captain they are treated with disrespect and told there is nothing the department can do for them.

Has Tom done some good for the department? Of course he has, but when he placed the blame on the people of Merced for not solving the gang problem, well... that really made us realize that if this is how he thinks then no wonder our gangs in the city of Merced are so out-of-control that they kill now in broad daylight.

Now with Trindad out we hope the next person to retire is Chief Andrade. Our bet is that even though he really wants to right now he really can’t. If another Chief comes in and really investigates the Kline murder from 2014, they will find the Chief’s daughter was also involved with her husband in beating Mr. Kline so badly at the Tower Theatre that he later died.

The Chief’s daughter was placed in handcuffs that night by a security guard she punched and when Merced PD officers arrived on-scene, they immediately told the security officer to take the handcuffs off of the Chief's daughter. When the security guard explained what she had done, the police officers told the security guard that they did not care and to take them off now or they would.

After removing the handcuffs the Chief’s daughter and son-in-law were allowed to immediately leave out the back doors of the theatre and away from the crime scene. Two weeks later Mr Kline died from his injuries. The DA and the Chief are best friends so no justice will be served. Much like what happened to baby Lylah Rose when the Chief’s son-in-law burned the infants hand with a searing hot light bulb. He was never charged in that case either.

We wish Tom Trindad all the best in his retirement.

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