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Sunday, 07 February 2016 12:18


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12654449_705148779587723_717057598128302327_nMERCED, CA - The Atwater PD announced to only one and the least read media outlet that a warrant has been issued for Eric Cruz, a 19-year-old gang member from Atwater, CA. MCNTV News has been working on a follow-up story to the Sergio Avelar murder that occurred on January 30 at the Applegate Inn we are told it helped push the investigation forward.  We developed information from several sources that stated at least two men and possibly one woman were directly involved in the 18-year-old's death.

"It appears at this time the homicide is tied to some type of gang activity,” Lt Joseph of the Atwater PD said. “Cruz is a known gang member and is considered armed and dangerous.”

Cruz is described as a Latino male, approximately 5-feet, 6-inches to 5-feet, 8-inches tall and weighs approximately 140 to 160 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

MCNTV News received several witness accounts of the events that night and they allege that they had gone to the Atwater police department with the information only to have the people involved come to them later and tell them the cops said they are "snitching." We immediately reached out to Atwater City Councilman Brian Raymond with their accounts of what had taken place, which also included complaints that the Atwater dispatch literally laughed at their information and did not take them seriously.

We called and spoke with detective Viera of the Atwater PD who is charged with the case and gave him the information we had received. We also asked him about the alleged video footage from the establishment where they were drinking that noght. "That's not accurate," detective Viera said. "We never were told about any video footage."

But according to one of our sources whom detective Viera called just before speaking with MCNTV News, detecitve Viera told them that in fact there was footage of the group drinking at the Atwater lounge that night and that the footage was just too unclear to identify most of the people.

Witnesses allege that Sergio went out with gang members he was friends with that night to just hang out and have fun. He had allegedly left the gang lifestyle and was joining the military and was going to marry his high school sweetheart and raising their baby.

Sergio is alleged to have been called out to go drinking at an Atwater establishment that night, although the friends are all under 21. As they were getting ready to leave, a girl by the name of Bianca is alleged to have rented the room at Applegate Inn before Eric Cruz AKA Joker, Robert Guthrie AKA Bubba, Albert Grijalva AKA Spooky were allegedly driven to the Applegate Inn by Erica Sanchez AKA Mini Me. Tessa Gutherie, Robert's sister, and Mellena Reynoso are also alleged to have been part of the plan to execute Sergio Avelar that night.

According to several witnesses, Eric started is alleged to have started a fight with Sergio downstairs at the Applegate Inn and the group all jumped Sergio and started stabbing him. The witnesses also allege that Sergio attempted to flee, but the girls were able to hold him down until someone slashed his jugular. He was able to slip away from them and run upstairs holding his neck and collapsed.

Eric Cruz was last seen wearing a dark colored hoodie-style sweatshirt with a dark colored beanie cap, according to Atwater police.



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