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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 12:13


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[caption id="attachment_10212" align="alignleft" width="231"]12249729_10205290699768124_3012106581596111692_n Necola with her husband Stephen[/caption]

MERCED, CA - This year residents throughout Merced County will once again exercise their right to vote for a variety of elected positions including state and federal offices, too. With so much at stake locally, it is important that we get to know the candidates before casting our ballots in November so we are reaching out to the candidates from around Merced County in the hopes that will avail themselves to our few questions.

Though the City of Merced has continued to struggle there have been some noticeable improvements and Mayor Stan Thurston has done a good job during his two terms listening to the people of Merced, one candidate says she can do better. Meet Necola Adams, a 52-year-old local business woman who believes she is ready to help the city of Merced address the tough issues including the homeless who are being dumped here by other counties from around California.

[caption id="attachment_10210" align="alignright" width="284"]625476_4564127662348_423602391_n Some of the sweet treats Necola is known for[/caption]

"We keep saying that we need do something," Necola said in an interview with MCNTVNews.com, "well... lets see what we can do and maker sure it is the right thing to do. I am tired of no real action over at least the last five years when it comes to our youth, the gangs, crime and our homeless problem. It has gotten so bad that people can't even enjoy our Main Street businesses without being asked for money or cigarettes and sometimes the smell of urine in certain areas of downtown is unbearable. I am someone the voters can count on to make real change by addressing the issues head-on and partnering with council members and the new city manager to develop real solutions."

Necola Adams, who many Mercedians affectionately refer to as "The Cookie Lady" for her handmade and personally delivered baked goods, has been actively involved in the city as a member of the League of Women Voters and she has served on the city's Parks and Recreation Commission for four years, the city's Charter Review Committee and the Downtown Planning Task Force. But will all of this experience translate into bridging divides to get a consensus from the city leaders?

[caption id="attachment_10211" align="alignleft" width="220"]10387569_10204532777380538_2978826020439724904_n The great-uncle Necola credits with her upbringing, Reverend Tomas Coleman Wynn[/caption]

"I was raised by my uncle who was born in the South in 1902 when they could not go to school. His Grandmother was a slave. My uncle used to tell me things in parables. He would tell me, "You know Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin; he walked ten miles to school with no shoes on his feet. But he said, "I will listen and I will learn and someday I will have a chance." And he became the sixteenth president on the United States. I have listened and I, too, have learned from my uncle and from some of the great leaders in our own community. People like Joe Stefani, Kenney Riggs, and even Woody at Woody's Shoe Repair. I learned to work with many people with many different ideas and views and I believe that this is one of many skills that I have, which is most needed in our next mayor to get the tough issues solved that have plagued our hometown.

And just what are the top two issues she would solve if elected Merced's next mayor?

"The dumping of the homeless, like I mentioned earlier, and more programs for our youth," Necola said. "Did you know that PG & E offers summer jobs for our youth? I want to partner with companies like Target, Walmart and other great community retailers and bring back the summer jobs program for our youth, strong anti-gang mentoring programs, and more activity centers for our kids to just be kids again. The Boys and Girls Club does a great job in their efforts to keep our youth active, away from the streets and negative role models, but we need more help. And I believe I can get it done.

Another skill that is needed in our next mayor is the ability to think out of the box to get things done in Merced," Necola continued. "Like working more effectively with our local farmers, UC Merced and Merced Community College students to bring fun festivals with local themes to our downtown area. For instance, did you know that we supply 90% of of the almonds, walnuts, and pistachios so why haven't we celebrated this billion dollar industry by organizing an annual nut festival?

I know these are bold ideas, but they can get done. Just imagine if you look at Merced from an aerial view... you can see we look very lopsided," Necola said. "The first thing people see when they come to Merced is a place that looks unsafe and depressed. So I would propose we start by no longer referring to the South side of Merced as South Merced and call it "The SoMA District" which is an acronym for South of Main Street Area. Encouraging investments into the SoMA District, helping those great families who already live there to open cafes and retail shops close to the freeway. Beautifying The SoMA District and making that area more appealing for visitors will encourage travelers to go a little further into our city to experience the great shopping, dining and entertainment Merced has to offer.

So I have the ideas and the ability to bring people together to get the job done and I hope that come November Merced will give me the opportunity to get it done by electing me, Necola Adams as their next mayor."

Currently she faces three other opponents who are all current City Council members, Mike Murphy, Josh Pedrozo and Noah Lor. If elected, Necola Adams would become the third elected female Mayor in the City of Merced.

For more information regarding Merced city/county's elections, please contact the Registrar of Voters, located at 2222 M Street, Room 14, in Merced or call the Registrar’s Office at (209) 385-7541. Information is also posted on their website at www.mercedelections.org.

For more about how and where to register to vote click here - http://www.co.merced.ca.us/DocumentCenter/Home/View/2690

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