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Monday, 30 November 2015 00:01


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Merced-County-employee-arrested-in-bribery-caseMERCED, CA - Back on February 11, 2014, the Merced County Sheriff's Department obtained a search warrant in regards to property owned by the then 53-year-old Anthony J. Thompson as well as his 2014 red Toyota Tacoma. 

The warrant was served three weeks after allegations came forward alleging Thompson offered to reduce the fees a woman was paying for her son to Merced County in exchange for dates with Thompson.

In the affidavit the woman states that she told detectives Thompson would wave $100 bills at her and say, “These could be yours.” When discussing the dates, Thompson allegedly stated that he and the accuser would get a hotel room and “have a good time."

Thompson also wrote his personal cellphone number on the back of a business card he gave to the woman, according to the affidavit. She allegedly felt so uncomfortable with the what was happening that she started having relatives pay the restitution payments.

Merced County Sheriff's detectives set up a phone call between the woman and Mr. Thompson in order to record their conversation. During that call, Thompson stated that he could not eliminate all of the debt, but that he could remove quite a bit of it. When the woman told him that she had just made a payment, Mr. Thompson replied, “I told you I would take care of it.” She agreed to meet Thompson a little later that same evening.

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When Thompson arrived at the meeting place he was arrested and booked into jail He posted the $10,000 bail and was released that same evening.

Three days later Mr. Thompson was offered a retirement package and was no longer employed by the Revenue and Reimbursement Department.

Mr. Thompson also owned two homes in Merced that provided transitional housing for homeless veterans. Thompson was paid $55 per night by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Veterans Administration also terminated its contract with Mr. Thompson even though officials said there was no evidence showing Mr. Thompson did anything wrong, illegal or inappropriate in terms of his contract with the VA.


The Merced County Sheriff’s Office submitted the case to the Merced County District Attorney’s Office but like many cases that have come from the Sheriffs office to the DA, no charges will be filed. Why? According to Chief Deputy DA Harold Nutt it was due to insufficient evidence. But the Merced County voter knows it's because the Sheriff's department arrested the DA's son for his alleged participation in a drive-by shooting. Since his son was released after a rare and unheard of finding in a preliminary court hearing, the DA Larry D. Morse continues to deny justice to victims and their families so that he can continue to attack and humiliate our County Sheriff's department and it's deputies.

The Merced County District Attorney is playing a very dirty game and the people it affects the most are the innocent Merced County residents who voted for him. By allowing obvious criminal activities to walk because the DA would rather make the Sheriff's department look bad is disgusting and worthy of immediate impeachment.

Deputy DA Harold Nutt said there was insufficient evidence based on the investigation to file charges and that the district attorney sent it back to the sheriff for further review. But according to our source within the DA's office the case against Thompson is actually "pretty solid" and that Larry Morse will usually say he "referred a case for further follow-up" so that he can claim it's not his fault the case was never charged.

But according to Sgt. Delray Shelton of the Merced County Sheriff's department the District Attorney’s Office notified deputies in a letter that the case was rejected for filing and nothing about it needing further follow-up.

Earlier this year the District Attorney Larry Morse sought justice and filed charges against Atwater Code Enforcement Officer Mike Teater. The DA decided to spend taxpayers money to prosecute the officer on bogus charges that were trumped up by Atwater Police Chief who is also the City Manager Frank Pietro. The case went all the way to a jury trial which the jurors were able to quickly see it was a sham trial and acquitted Mike Teater of all charges. Now Mike Teater is suing Merced County because of our incompetent DA and his cronies.

There was also lots of evidence against Sgt Dick Wisdom of the Atwater PD for growing 100 marijuana plants yet that case never seemed to get followed-up on either...


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